Product Range

For all your raised access flooring system requirements, our product range including flooring accessories should remove
any doubts about the quality of our service. We are dedicated to the supply, installation, servicing and repair of all raised access flooring systems.

All Bates Access Flooring system solutions are designed with a rigid laterally stable under-structure for a quiet and extremely
solid finished product with a high degree of flexibility and rigid lateral stability.

FS Free Standing Access Floor System

Ideal for general office environments where the finish floor height varies from 100mm to 850mm.

Superior Load Performance.

The head is di-cast aluminium and the base is galvanised steel and is ideal for general office environments.

Interchangeable with other panel strengths.

The panel positively locates onto a di-cast aluminium head supported by a conductive black plastic gasket which provides for a solid, quiet easily accessible solution.

No Stringer or screws is ideal for easy access to the plenum.

FS Bolt-on Stringer Access Floor System

Ideal for general office environments and computers room where the finish floor height varies from 100mm to 1500mm.

Superior load performance with superior lateral stability.

The all steel galvanised system is ideal for heavy static and dynamic load areas and provides optimum strength.

Interchangeable with all panel strengths.

Steel Encapsulated Woodcore Panel on a
Bolt-on Stringer System

Ideal for general office environments where the floor height varies from
100mm to 1200mm.

Superior lateral stability.

Interchangeable panel strengths.

Timber Panel with 1.50mm Anti-Static High Pressure Laminate
with a Plastic Edge Bead

Designed for computer rooms, network and patch rooms.

Superior lateral stability.

Interchangeable panel strengths.

No screws means easy access to the plenum.

Kingspan Raised Access Flooring Systems

Kingspan Raised Access Flooring system is one of the largest manufacturers in UK and Europe of Raised Access Flooring systems. Manufactured in the UK, this Brand is classified as one of the premier brands in the UK and Europe of Steel encapsulated Timber Raised Access Flooring systems with many millions of m² installed in the UK and Europe and over 25 000m² installed in South Africa. We would recommend this product over all similar products in the region.

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Legrand Soluflex Cable Management Systems

LeGrand Soluflex is the best cable management system on the market manufactured with 100% recycled materials in Europe and is available in 37mm, 60mm, 90mm, 120mm, and 150mm on request.

This product may require lead time.

See product brochure

Intercell Cable Management System

Intercell Cable Management System is a low profile Cable Management Flooring System.

Available in 40mm, 60mm, 90mm and 110mm the Cable Management System offers a strong space saving cellular flooring solution, designed to manage cable distribution in existing and new structures.

Floor Coverings & Accessories

Bates access floor coverings are available in either Conductive and Anti-Static High Pressure Laminate in 1.20mm or 1.50mm high-pressure laminate factory bonded to the surface of the access floor panel.

The anti-static high-pressure laminate is available with either a bevelled or Integral Trim Edge. Integral Trim Edge eliminates any potential for separation of edge trim from the panel.

Floor Coverings

Colour Code 8192

Colour Code 8138

White Italia – XX

Colour Code 8119

Products marked with XX have a lead time of 14 to 25 working days. These products are subject to an extended lead time as a result of being imported from Europe and carry an additional cost

Integral Trim

Integral/Bevelled Comparison

Bevelled Edge

Flooring Accessories

Flooring Accessories
120mm Diameter Plastic Grommet

Flooring Accessories
120-170mm Diameter Plastic Grommets

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Brush Grommets

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Air Flow Grill

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Double Suction Cup Lifter

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Cabstruct Floor Services Outlet

  • Telkom
    34 214 m2  
  • Investec Bank
    50 600 m2  
  • Nedcor
    66 500 m2  
  • First National Bank
    148 650 m2  
  • Standard Bank
    149 800 m2  
  • Melrose Arch
    68 120 m2  
  • Barclays/ABSA
    139 000 m2  
  • Vodacom
    28 650 m2  
  • MTN
    15 450 m2  
  • Ernst & Young
    42 920 m2