Floor Coverings & Accessories

Bates access floor coverings are available in either Conductive and Anti-Static High Pressure Laminate in 1.20mm or 1.50mm high-pressure laminate factory bonded to the surface of the access floor panel.

The anti-static high-pressure laminate is available with either a bevelled or Integral Trim Edge. Integral Trim Edge eliminates any potential for separation of edge trim from the panel.

Floor Coverings

Colour Code 8192

Colour Code 8138

White Italia – XX

Colour Code 8119

Products marked with XX have a lead time of 14 to 25 working days. These products are subject to an extended lead time as a result of being imported from Europe and carry an additional cost

Integral Trim

Integral/Bevelled Comparison

Bevelled Edge

Flooring Accessories

Flooring Accessories
120-170mm Diameter Plastic Grommets

Flooring Accessories
Brush Grommets

Flooring Accessories
Perforated Panel

Flooring Accessories
Floor Services Outlet

Flooring Accessories
Air Flow Grill

Flooring Accessories
Double Suction Cup Lifter

Flooring Accessories
Single Suction Cup Lifter

Flooring Accessories
Air Diffuser

Flooring Accessories
Cabstruct Floor Services Outlet

  • Telkom
    34 214 m2  
  • Investec Bank
    50 600 m2  
  • Nedcor
    66 500 m2  
  • First National Bank
    148 650 m2  
  • Standard Bank
    149 800 m2  
  • Melrose Arch
    68 120 m2  
  • Barclays/ABSA
    139 000 m2  
  • Vodacom
    28 650 m2  
  • MTN
    15 450 m2  
  • Ernst & Young
    42 920 m2