Pentafloor SolidFeel Access Floor System Solutions

Panel – Loc System

The all steel galvanised Panel-Loc Pedestal System is suitable for general office applications.

Each floor panel is mechanically fastened to the pedestal head at all four corners, ensuring rigidity and lateral stability.

Access is achieved by releasing the fasteners and lifting the panel. Each Pedestal head has an adjustment locking device to ensure that the pedestal height is maintained.

Freestanding System

Freestanding under-structure utilise specifically designed pedestal heads.

An Electrical conductive gasket is placed on top of the head.

Freestanding systems are normally used in general office areas and finished floor heights not exceeding 500mm.

Snap-Loc System

Snap-Loc understructures are suitable for general office and computer application and provide high stability by utilising stringers which hold the floor and pedestal head in position when panels are removed.

Stringers snap on and off without tools and electrically conductive gasket is placed on top of the stringer.

Low-Loc System

This system has identical performance features as the SolidFeel Panel-Loc system, but can also be used with finished floor heights as low as 75mm.

With this system the range of vertical adjustment is therefore limited.

  • Telkom
    34 214 m2  
  • Investec Bank
    50 600 m2  
  • Nedcor
    66 500 m2  
  • First National Bank
    148 650 m2  
  • Standard Bank
    149 800 m2  
  • Melrose Arch
    68 120 m2  
  • Barclays/ABSA
    139 000 m2  
  • Vodacom
    28 650 m2  
  • MTN
    15 450 m2  
  • Ernst & Young
    42 920 m2